EC3 for Tech Consulting

A framework for understanding enterprises' organizational maturity
Saravanan Paramasivan
11 April 2023
8 min read

There are various types of technology consulting that businesses can utilize to help them improve their technology systems and processes. Here are a few examples

  • Digital transformation consulting: This involves helping businesses use technology to transform their operations and customer experiences. Digital transformation consulting may involve assessing the company's current digital capabilities, identifying areas for improvement, and recommending new technologies to implement.
  • IT strategy consulting: This involves helping businesses develop a long-term IT strategy that aligns with their overall business goals. IT strategy consulting may involve assessing the company's current technology systems, identifying areas for improvement, and recommending new technologies to implement.
  • Technology implementation consulting: This involves helping businesses implement new technology systems or upgrade existing ones. Technology implementation consulting may involve project management, vendor selection, and system integration.
The EC3 Network

Based on the EC3 framework, the four quadrants represent the following adoption approach:

  • Empirical: (low adoption, high speed): Experiment with specific BU/ feature/Geo that allow some parts to adapt fast. Based on the learnings, try adopting a strategy for the whole Enterprise.
  • Cosmos: (high adoption, high speed): Business willingness and ability to roll out an enterprise-wide adoption of digital technology, favoring an all-at-once approach to sustain in the market /capture market shares/get better customer experience.
  • Considerate: (high adoption, low speed): Risk averse Enterprises like non-profit org take along every part of the organization through a process of consensus as a common mission with less adoption speed.
  • Coherent: (low adoption, low speed): Without experimentation, take a cautious approach toward the adoption of digital technology by starting slow and steady, building competence gradually.

The four quadrants merely represent four categories (or types) of approaches the enterprise could choose. The quadrants do not depict any type of ranking or statement of evaluation (i.e., Empirical is not better than Cosmos, and Cosmos is not better than Coherent, and so on).

Please reach out to us to learn about the additional steps in the transformation framework and how Divergence can help get you to digital matruity.

Saravanan Paramasivan is the Enterprise Architect at Divergence, the Design Advisory & Consulting division at Marlabs.
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