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Creating memorable experiences through understanding, ideation and activation

We help businesses in four ways
Advisory & Consulting

Advisory & Consulting

What we offer

Divergence helps provide support and guidance to assist with global companies' business challenges.

Strategic Consulting

We help businesses remain competitive by analyzing business practices and devising strategies for improvement. Our experts help define company markets, identify industry trends, and create strategies for improving performance and revenue.

User/Market Research

We help our customers uncover insights thru market research, studying your consumers' behavior and identifying their needs. Revealing insights from demographic, economic, and statistical information about specific industries. More specifically for qualitative user research, our research helps guide our product teams to create meaningful features for any particular personas.

Co-creation Workshops

An expert-led facilitated meeting where multi-disciplinary teams plan and prototype user-centered solutions for business challenges. Unlike lectures or presentations, Our Design Thinking workshops are used when teams want to arrive at a human-centered solution while working together.

Advisory Services

Going beyond project engagements, we help in the development of on-going programs and stakeholder presentations of research findings, conclusions, and recommendations for client consideration and decision making towards achieving digital transformation.

Ideation & Incubation

Ideation & Incubation

What we offer

We guide clients to ideate and incubate entrepreneurial, economic and social business initiatives thru the process of forming ideas to solve business challenges from conception to implementation and delivery support, helping them establish and accelerate their growth and success.

Product/Service Envisioning

Helping companies thru workshop outcomes that helps stakeholders with product/service-level planning activity that helps their organizations describe the idea and create a rough plan for how to approach its creation.

Application Design

Helping companies create agile design creation and production tasks teams allowing for iterative realizations of ideas into testable prototypes that can be tested and validated with customers and stakeholders

Enterprise User Experience

Helping actualize research and strategy outcomes into a comprehensive user experience that encompasses all aspects of end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products

User Journey Mapping

Helping define not only customer journeys but uncover and refine an overall service blueprint that maps personas and journeys to the brand, it's business touchpoints, it's possible competitors and back stage processes.

Product Development

Our teams help customers manage the end-to-end processes required to bring products and services from being a concept through to reaching the market (and/or renewing an existing product or introducing a product in a new market), bringing together teams from Marlabs and customers to achieve that goal.

Product Launch-to-Market

Helping work with customers to create a planned effort to bring the developed product/services solutions to market with the goal of making sure that the company, the marketplace and target customers know about the product and service.

Technology Transformation

Technology Transformation

What we offer

We help businesses create comprehensive data drive and technology structured customer experiences and products thru assessing the complete technology systems; from network architecture, hardware, software and data storage and how those processes affecting customers, people, process and technology.

Service Blueprint

When designing a software system, it’s not enough to focus on the code and its functionality. You also have to consider how people will interact with the software. The principles of empathy and human-centered design combined with the data and technology helps Divergence align business processes.

Technology Maturity Assessment

Businesses must now have a more in-depth understanding of the technology they use. The best way to achieve this is by conducting a technology assessment. We help with this through developing comprehensive methodologies for the development of processes and products to empower businesses through the use of technology.

Technical Architecture

Helping with the development of a technical blueprint with regard to the arrangement, interaction, and interdependence of all elements, ranging from apps, data, cloud and overall solutions, so that system-relevant requirements are met.

Product Development Roadmap

Management communicates the product plan and aligns your whole organization and giving stakeholders across the organization the insights they need

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