Our Frameworks

Leveraging Marlabs' collection of innovation frameworks and accelerators to expedite strategy, design and development enabling our clients to get results faster.

Tools & Technologies

Enso® Cognitive Platform

A Decision Intelligence Platform that simplifies building, orchestrating, and managing decision agents at scale.

M.A.S.C. Framework

Accelerating ideation to products and service at the speed of business

ADS Maturity Framework

Our advisory and consulting approach that goes beyond a single engagement to help brands achieve OCRs and ROI

Catapult Engagement

Our Design Thinking framework that turbo-charges enterprise workshops for collaboration and insights

Azure IoT Edge™

Our Marlabs' accelerator solution that helps build future-proof foundations for intelligent automation and Web 3.0


EC3 for Tech Consulting

An overview of the four quadrants of enterprise and organizational approaches to technology adoption and how businesses can benefit using this digital framwork.
Saravanan Paramasivan
11 April 2023
8 min read

What is your CMF ?

By understanding CMF and the different levels of engagement and tailoring content accordingly, businesses can effectively communicate their offerings and build lasting relationships with their audience.
Satyarth Pandey
3 March 2023
6 min read

MASC: a user framework focused for action

Through designing hundreds of digital solutions that have helped people interact with their environments, we've developed a framework that helps teams design to encourage action.
Caroline Romedenne
19 June 2022
14 min read

Maturing Product Solutions through the ADS Way

How the Address-Delight-Surprise Maturity Curve framework accelerates the product growth and adoption lifecycle.
Satyarth Pandey
11 March 2022
9 min read
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