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Enabling ecommerce for an international customer base

Divergence led a comprehensive re-design of the buying experience of a global leader in raw materials supplier, sourcing and fabrication leader to re-brand to the digital age with a personalized, modern B2B buying experience across global supply chains.


Stakeholders of the global suppler leader wanted to position itself as a people first organization and establish new ways for customers to engage in its digital footprint. Through meaningful interactions the redesign establishes the foundation of an environment to jumpstart the company's journey to become a key leader in the pharmacological sourcing and resource industry.

The company approached Divergence to help with these key initiatives to learn how customers bought from them and how the experience could be innovated thru digital.

What we did

Our approach started with several conversations with various stakeholders across the resource acquisition process, including interviews with customer service reps, sourcing managers and scientists who advise buyers. The Divergence team synthesized the learnings to shared to the project stakeholders that the long, high touch process of buying raw source materials for fabrication made the standard solution of self-service an impersonal experience that drove buyers to either finish the call on the phone or abandon the cart all together.

Our solution was to look for ways to drive deeper personalization across the inquiry-to-purchase journey

By defining the core personas and their buying paths, we developed potential journeys that took the best of the buying experience thru the call center and re-imagined a digital solutions thru automation, chat and notifications using technologies Sitecore Experience Accelerator


Divergence delivered a three phased roadmap based on the learnings

  • Phase I: MVP Launch

  • Phase II: Feature Enhancement

  • Phase III: Localization

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